The most im­por­tant part of your mar­ket­ing mix
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 4 March 2020


Your ideas always precede your success. There are exceptions (being born on 3rd base and lottery luck) but you can’t control these things.

When you toil, shit gets done. 

You lobby. You write. You pitch. You edit. You influence. You sell. You learn. You mentor. Hustle and hard work moves the needle, but your imagination is the mysterious motivator.

Consider the next big idea that:

  • Reduces global carbon emissions;
  • Creates clean water;
  • Ends child exploitation;
  • Gets more women in politics;
  • Ends of poverty and homelessness;
  • Enables an indestructible democracy.

You can’t stop thinking about and working on your passion project because it’s fueled by your imagination. It’s the same for your clients and customers.

People love to buy the idea of something so much more than the thing itself. 

Consider why people renovate their homes when no repairs are necessary, score a way-too-expensive pair of shoes, or buy a silly board game they’ll force their loved ones to play. The story we tell ourselves is far more powerful than any four wheel drive, extended-cab, v8 combustion engine in the world. 

Stop overlooking the value of imagination in your marketing mix. 

The best brand differentiator in the world is a simple, imagination-fueled incentive to do business with you.  

The rest is just fantasy.
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