The myth of per­sis­tence and luck
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 9 October 2020

Persistence can be a pain. 

Bored COVID kids lobbying for pets, iPhones and V-Bucks. That new LinkedIn connection that asks to connect and then sends a canned slate of messages or wildly waves their wares. No empathy, value, or authenticity. Just pure persistence.

Consistency, on the other hand, is about truth and personality.
It’s about how you show up.  

Consistency with how you handle yourself in virtual meetings;
Consistency with your customer service;
Consistency with your marketing program;
Consistency with your contributions to the community;
Consistency with your health commitments;
Consistency with saving for your retirement;
Consistency with the quality of your art and the content you create.     

While homerun success stories often read as lucky overnight sensations, they’re more often the result of years-long commitment.

That’s why persistent and loud is never a good long term strategy. It wears thin and the lack of substance is almost always revealed for what it is. (Good luck with that second election). 

If you want new clients to seek you out and the old ones to stick around, consistency is key. 

And it’s the best way to make your own luck.
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