The next 359

Leaving behind the utter disbelief that another 365 days have come and gone, we're thinking about big goals for the next 359 or so.

And since there's already so much out there to consume re new year, resolutions, diets, workout fads and best-of-the-best green monster smoothie recipes,  we'll keep it brief.

In 2014, we're aspiring to help our clients:

  • Court audiences with content (consistent, remarkable, kick-ass content) like never before;
  • Stay true to their brands and really live them;
  • Take risks and define or redefine their industries.

On the personal side, we're aspiring to:

  • Drink more H20  (but not less wine, to be clear);
  • Eat kale somewhat frequently and exercise a little more than our rate of kale consumption;
  • Listen to (and actively discover new) great music and listen to it at an obnoxious volume in the office every day;
  • Hug more (consider yourself warned);
  • Take risks and put ourselves out there more in support of the local community and causes we're most passionate about;
  • Stop more (followed by turning off our devices, breathing, dreaming, listening actively to our kids and their wisdom, and laughing a lot).

And we want to give our team the flexibility and encouragement to do some of the same.  (Exception to the rule: the kale factor. That one's mandatory for weekly team lunches.)

Here's to you 2014.