Market like you mean it

Effective marketing isn't about promotion - it's about position. 

Anyone with an internet connection has a megaphone to the world. Ever wonder why the keys to the digital kingdom are held by a few influencers, while others struggle for attention? 

Because they spend more time crafting what they say and why they say it, over how they say it.

You can't engage with a world that's going through revolutionary change by yelling louder than the next guy. 

Modern marketing is about making your movement matter more.

And creating something that matters doesn't begin anywhere near promotion. It starts with research and strategy to craft a story worth sharing - and then remarkable execution. 

Tactics on their own, aren't worth doing. Building a site, buying some ads, tweeting, posting, promoting and pay per clicking might feel good (and fun) but in the end aren't worthwhile or sustainable on their own. Telling a relevant story to the right people at the right time in the right way, is how you win. 

If your marketing tactic isn't supporting your marketing strategy and your marketing strategy doesn't serve your business goals, then stop.

Take the time to position to matter.

Or your marketing won't.