The shoe­mak­er’s chil­dren have no awards
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 15 January 2021

Marcomm professionals are pretty notorious for being bad at their own marketing. (Or, are we projecting?)

Like the proverbial shoemaker’s children, going barefoot, with old beaters or no kicks at all, most of us tend to spend more time on the marcomm needs of clients than on our own promo, including traditional marketing and industry accolades. 

But we’d never let a client get away with that.

And that’s what we’ve told ourselves every year for about a dozen or so. Followed by, “next year, we’ll get on top of those award submissions”.

We still haven’t figured it out. But maybe 12 is our lucky year.

What we do know is that the things we might throw in for jurying after we get our act together exists in the centre of a special Venn diagram - the intersection of projects we are incredibly proud of, with clients we love, and in areas of work that our team really enjoys.

We recently tossed out an experimental pitch to the Marcom Awards of the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals for our Find Your Reason HIV Testing and Prevention Campaign, developed in partnership with Regional HIV/AIDS Connection. We were thrilled to receive a Platinum Award in a process juried by industry peers. Best of all, it’s a project that our entire team had a hand in developing and one that’s yielded significant results on a tough but important topic.

Has an award, or lack thereof, ever affected a client’s decision to work with us? Likely not.

But when clients invest the time and trust and treasure to hire us, we want to create something award-worthy every time.

And with the most challenging marcomm landscape in a generation staring back at us 2021-side, we’ve got our work cut out for us.  

Time to lace up some new kicks.
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