Thriller storytelling: a eulogy

Where have all the good music videos gone? 

We recently had the opportunity to jam on storytelling and strategy with a group of business owners and entrepreneurs.  During the course of the morning, we had a funny sidebar with a couple of super smart women from the local tech sector. 

Our collective mourning?  The death of the story-driven music vid.  

Yes, really. 

Now, we're all about art and self expression.  And all about healthy sexuality.  And all about just about anything that's not status quo.

But really, people, where did all the good stories go? A la MJ? A la Aerosmith? A la Bon Jovi, if you're into the hair / wrenching angst-y love combo?

It's not that the thrusting and the shiny pants and the ass slapping / seeing Eminem set yet another house on fire, don't make for a great story...but wait, they really don't.

Yes, we know these 'old folks' who came up in the 80's and 90's are not the target audience, but surely we can give our young people -- kids who are literally CHANGING the WORLD with every act and click and share -- a little more to chew on? Even if only some slightly scary undead dudes with killer dance moves...

Does it make you wonder what kind of Thriller (or lackthereof) you're giving your audience?

(Thanks Allie and Jen for the inspiration. ;)