Thriv­ing through un­cer­tainty
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 16 June 2020

It’s hard to lead right now. 

It feels like we need to have more answers than we do. It feels like we should be more productive than we are, no matter how many hours we work. And that we should show just enough vulnerability to our colleagues, but not too much.

But in the middle of this discontinuity, we’re missing the opportunity to be kind to ourselves.

Instead, we’re binging on ‘expertise’. Hoping for that one nugget of insight that will help us get a glimpse of what the future will hold.

But it never comes. 

And it probably never will. We’ve never been able to predict what’s going to happen in six months. That's just more obvious now. 

All uncertainty means is that there will be a range of possible outcomes. Just like before. 

Uncertainty doesn’t always mean risk. 

If you pitch three good brand identity options, the uncertainty is high and the risk is low. If you create a potent position and launch a thoughtful campaign, the uncertainty is high and the risk is low. If you develop an internal communications program and genuinely engage, the uncertainty is high and the risk is low.  

Our neighbour that’s tutoring or kids (thanks Sarah! 😊) applied to six universities. It was uncertain which one she’d get into, but it doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have applied. 

It takes courage to live with a future that’s not clearly defined. 

But that new thing that’s going to emerge tomorrow is planted now - today. The future is happening all around us. All we have to do is identify how to effectively tend to the things we care about most in this moment - and act on them.  

Abandon the numbing rut of negative news and create your own signal instead. Give yourself and your team the space, comfort and security to thrive in a challenging real-time environment. 

Put that idea out into the world with the clear intention of making a difference.

Yes, it’s scary.
Yes, it’s okay to feel rattled, even from a place of privilige. Yes, we feel connected and alone in the same moment.   

But the only real risk is not planting any new seeds at all.

We can all be certain of that.
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