What love taught us about mar­ket­ing
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 14 February 2020

Making something people love goes a long way. 

They’ll share it. Join it. Promote it. Tell their friends. Pay a premium. Forgive your imperfections. They’ll even help you make it better. 

It’s that emotional switch that helps us choose.
Because we’re human. 

And we make human choices to allow things into our lives.

We choose meaningful relationships. We choose to be understood. We choose to feel valued, connected and empowered.

And we recoil when we’re technically targeted, tricked and manipulated. 

Don’t be afraid to trumpet your values and live them through your work. That’s who real people (and customers) want to connect with.

Love can make your good brand great and your great brand timeless.

So go ahead, put some love back into your business. 😍

And if not love, then at least chocolate.

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