What's OK Now?
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 30 July 2021

We’ve all been through a once in a century pandemic. 

It’s had a large and lasting impact on the nature of work. 

Whatever version of new normal you’re returning to, it’s going to be different. And tangible change means culture change. It needs to be communicated and committed to, to come true.

Here’s the first thing we had every new team member read on their first day (before COVID hit). It’s not perfect, but it’s us.

It’s ok to…

  • Say I don’t know
  • Ask for clarity
  • Stay home when you feel unwell
  • Ask what acronyms stand for
  • Forget things
  • Introduce yourself
  • Ask for help
  • Depend on the team
  • Not know everything
  • Have quiet days
  • Have loud days
  • Put your headphones on to work
  • Work at a space other than your desk
  • Make a tea, coffee or snack when you need it - or want it
  • Say yes to the wine.
  • Say no to the wine.
  • Not check asana after hours or on vacay
  • Just Slack it
  • Walk over and chat face-to-face
  • Offer feedback
  • Challenge assumptions or directions
  • Say yes when there’s a run to Tim Horton’s, Fire Roasted, the Market or the LCBO
  • Make the modifications to food that you require
  • Have a messy desk
  • Have a tidy desk
  • Try new things
  • Think out loud 
  • Dance
  • Be vulnerable 
  • Be you

We need to update this for a post pandemic world. We need to be clear about what’s important now and what we won’t or can’t do. And we need to live these new-fashioned values more than we say them. 

We’ve experienced a new way to live and work. At home or back to the office, one thing’s for sure: 

Driveby culture isn’t gonna cut it anymore.

And that’s ok, too. 

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