Why back to normal is the wrong thing to wish for
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 30 March 2020

The one sure thing you can always bet on and win, is change. 

Back to normal was never an option for any generation. The world has always changed. It’s changing again. And we have to adapt to a new way of living. 

How we work.
How we exercise.
How we socialize.
How we manage our health.
How we create and sustain relationships.
How we educate our kids and take care of our families.   

It’s comforting to envision renewed security and stability. Some of the changes and losses we'll experience will be devastating. Naturally we'll all want things to go back to normal as quickly as possible. 

But this isn’t a temporary disruption. 

Even where physical distancing has been temporarily lifted.      

We’ll be living a different way of life for a while. Things will continue to change.  

And it’s not all bad:

  • Communities are finding new ways to come together, even as they’re forced to stay apart; 
  • There’s a communal spirit forged from physical distancing that you can just feel when you talk to friends, colleagues and family; 
  • Strangers are extending themselves and caring and connecting where it’s not expected; 
  • Business are creating new services within the shut-in economy;
  • We might be emitting less CO2 and we’re walking and biking more.

Maybe it's not the time to wish things will get back to normal. Because that has the potential to lead us back to where we started - a global pandemic, a sick earth and a tanking economy. 

Instead, ask yourself what remarkable new thing you can start to contribute and compete within this new normal.

The business part, as it always has, will follow.

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