Why I Miss the Y
Jeff Sage / 21 August 2020

Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.   – Joni

I miss The Y. 

I miss the way it slowly made me a better partner, father and coworker.

I miss the influence it had on my kids. The caring, confidence and the legendary camps

I miss the common spaces. The diversity, character and community. 

I miss the seniors crushing the track. Plaid tucked shirt. Khakis pressed. Owning it. 

I miss the cooking classes and the birthday bashes.

I miss the philanthropic celebrations. Donations big and small bridging the inequality gap.

I miss the fitness routine. And the lesson that sweating a little bit everyday will change your life.

I miss the connection. Hanging around hundreds of other families and feeling right at home. 

I miss the parents. Heroic hockey commitments, epic change room meltdowns and all.

I miss the staff. 5:30AM or five minutes before close, smiles and encouragement all around.

I miss the volunteers. The classic reminder that everyone needs to start somewhere. Even MLK.

I miss the inclusiveness. Teaching and trusting no matter where you’re from.  

I miss the pool. The controlled chaos channeling those first few solo strokes. 

I miss the accessibility. And how it screams that every space should be this way. 

I miss the values. That no one gets turned away because humans are more important than money. 

I miss being part of something that’s difficult to describe yet unmistakable when you’re part of it.

COVID changed everything. Except those things it can never change.

Rock out your reopenings Y friends. We’ll always have your back, as you’ve had ours.

Full disclosure: the YMCA is a longtime client of sagecomm and our family spent countless pre-COVID personal hours each week enjoying Ys in our area. sagecomm is also proud to provide marketing and community engagement campaigns for new YMCA branches across the country, including the incredible new John W. Lindsay YMCA, opening in Halifax this fall, and our family fave, the Bostwick YMCA, which opened in London in 2018.

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