Why now is an ideal time to fix your mar­ket­ing prob­lem
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 30 April 2020

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If you’re ever going to commit to matter more - now is your moment. 

You may have guessed - based on the fact that you’re wearing pajama pants and a business blazer combo to work in your basement - that these are strange days. 

And maybe you’re thinking since you can’t leave the house, this also isn't the right time concentrate on putting your customers' story before your own. 

But consider the opportunity.

Even if you’ve got the best product in the world, you’ll lose every time to an inferior product that communicates more clearly.

If you can’t share your position quickly and concisely, you don’t have a position.

No matter how good looking your website is. No matter how much you pay to interrupt a legion of social scrollers.

Because a lack of influence is a marketing problem. 

Getting people to stay inside is a marketing problem.
Getting people to take climate change seriously is a marketing problem.
Getting people to cast a vote is a marketing problem.
Getting people to choose your hard seltzer over the competitors at a time when people are drinking more bubbly vodka than ever, is a marketing problem. 

Because people make choices. 

Investing in a well researched, well positioned and well executed story that goes deep, evokes an emotional response and anchors in memory, is always worth more than interrupting with a message that doesn't resonate. 

Sure, you can hold on to the status quo, join the herd and throttle back. Playing it safe during a downturn is a popular choice. But it rarely pays off

And it’s never going to solve your marketing problem. 

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