Why you should trash your mar­ket­ing budget
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 31 January 2020

Marketing is the most judged and hardest to justify percentage of a budget.

It’s almost always a struggle to get marketing dollars. But why?

Marketing is an investment not an expense. 

You shouldn’t even have a traditional marketing budget. Instead, invest continuously in the marketing that makes you money, changes minds and engages the customers and communities you care about. 

Market Research.
Social spend.
Content generation.
We're blogging right now.
Organic content.
Conference speaking.

The earned, owned and paid media options, and the whatever-is-next list, is endless.

So how do you know what will work?  

Does it add to the customer experience?
Does it educate?
Does it influence?
Does it support the customer journey?
Does it consistently convert?     

It’s harder to spend poorly if you’re focused on these areas. Experiment.

Don’t create and defend a budget to build websites, buy ads and execute the other guy’s tactics. These will get cut when times get tough. Ask any marketer.  

Instead, build a plan for change and growth.

Belonging. Clean energy. Literacy. Safer sex. Health. New career. Better mousetrap.  

Build a plan that solves a human problem.   

Because everyone wants to support the gal who’s coming up with new ways to make people want to do business with you.

And you can’t cut that.

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