Why your brand might need ther­apy
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 14 May 2021

So, you’ve decided to take the leap. 

Maybe you’re seizing opportunities that inevitably come from a world turned upside down, or you’re scaling an existing winner. 

No matter the play, you’ve decided to step up and make a difference. 

Beauty. 🔥 

And then, somewhere along the way, doubt creeps in. Am I good enough? Am I original enough? What will the competition think? Is this really who we are and who our audience needs us to be?

Anxiety around how people see you and your work is a common refrain - and with good reason. Can you think of anything more vulnerable than creativity? 

Moving through a creative process that includes research and positioning often leads to a fortification or re-imagination of your brand story. And that’s the way it should be.

We affectionately call it ‘brand therapy’. Because good brand processes create breakthroughs in purpose and meaning, not subtle shading and bigger logos. 

Discovering who you are as a brand for the first time, or questioning if who you’ve been for years is still the most authentic representation of yourself, is a process that can cause some pause, and sometimes, panic. 

As our insanely talented creative team is fond of reminding us and our clients:

“Questioning your identity, and really reflecting on who you need to be is normal and necessary in order to grow and take your brand to the next level. Needing a moment to honestly sort out these pieces is not a bad thing. What you want to be cautious of is stopping yourself from moving in the right direction because of a reaction to change. Anxiety around change is natural, but can sometimes put us into a mindset to focus on feelings over audience needs.”

And it happens more often than you think. Because design at its best is about problem solving, not decoration. Design creates connection - and at its best, it communicates empathy and understanding. Great design can be everything, if you let it.  

So take a deep breath, trust your team and ask a few key questions if you’re feeling stuck:

  1. Am I focused on myself or my audience? (Or someone else entirely, like marketing to the competition?)
  2. Are the concepts aligned with my brand’s established positioning, voice, values and style? (If yes, and there’s still hesitation, what’s really driving that?)
  3. Are we telling a story that matters? (As defined by our purpose as a brand?)

There are millions of people that can quickly help you hang a brand ornament.

But that’s not what your work deserves. 

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