You can’t build a brand with duct tape
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 8 January 2021

Brand strategy. Hmmmm….sounds expensive.

No, but it should be extensive.

Building a brand takes time. It’s not a one and done.

Because you’re building a relationship. And that doesn’t happen overnight. 

Your brand is an entity. A personality. It has a voice, a tone and a style. It has values.

But not the values and traits of your founder or leadership team or marketing department.

Its own.

Built over time. With repetition. With consistency. And with your audience in mind.

If your strategy is solid, your brand should be a pillar in the lives of those you serve, not just a mark they like to follow, pin or wear.

It should evoke emotion. It should promote pride. It should build champions.

It shouldn’t be represented by a never ending stream of interruptive tactics. It should be embodied in a central, universally understood brand position and value proposition, with intentional, targeted strategies to connect that position to the market.

Do you need a compelling brandmark? Absolutely. Do you need a modern website? Sure. Do you need an ad campaign? Maybe.

But even more, you need a plan. Or you might be burning your money on the sidewalk.

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