Your brand is not for you
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 22 January 2021

For more than a decade, we’ve been (respectfully) sharing this simple truth with our clients:

Unless you’re precisely your own target market, your brand isn’t for you. So you don’t have to like it. And maybe, you shouldn’t. 

If your audience is the under 18 market and you’re a seasoned exec, your brand position and marketing shouldn’t appeal to you. If it does, there might be something wrong.

Of course we know you want to like it. And that’s okay. 

Brand and marketing are emotion-evoking subjects. Colour, copy, texture, type. They make us feel something, for better or worse.

And we love it. Because we’re human.

But that doesn’t mean we should act on it.

(Just ask any designer who’s ever been asked to make a logo bigger, or any strategist who’s ever crafted comms by committee.)

Should you accept a poorly worded position or hideous design concept? Of course not.  

But if you’re working with the right partner and through the right process, that should never happen.

Great brands are based on market intel and stakeholder engagement. Great brands are forged in a process of iteration. Great brands are built to last and to evolve as their audiences evolve.

But great brands are not there to be liked internally. 

In this pandemic age, when we are all craving more certainty and the comfort of familiarity, the pull to choose what we subjectively, personally like has never been stronger.

But your brand, your marketing partner and most important, your audience, need you to resist.
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