Newspaper Neverland

Newspapers are dead.  Ok, technically they're endangered, but they can no longer compete so...  The incurable symptom?  A digitally-enabled free fall in ads and audience.  How did they get here? 

Quite simply -- Technology is a monopoly killer.

Survival is not a question of how to run a newspaper better.  It's certainly not a question of online ad revenue replacing print demand.  (Most papers couldn't pay for pencils and lined pads with their website's ad cash.)   The question is, how do reporters, editors and photographers re-invent themselves on the web in an environment where everyone with a camera phone is now a reporter?  Print is dead, but journalism is in its digital infancy.

According to CommScore,the online news audience caps around 100 million.  That's an arena I'd be interested in as a displaced newspaper man.




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