Communication Emancipation

The art and science of communication is misunderstood by people and organizations.  Good comm is less about what you're saying (let's assume we all know what we're doing there) and more about how you're saying it.

Communication is about the transfer of ideas and information in an emotionally-appealing and persuasive way (persuasion being the art of getting others to adopt your point of view.)

You've probably come back from a conference or lecture series excited about sharing the insights of the presenter.  It's unlikely then that the presenter simply passed along static facts and figures.  It's more likely she convinced you through a combination of logic and emotional appeal that her ideas were not only useful, but also worth sharing.

Don't stop there.

Good comm on its own is not enough, and neither is the most profound insight.  If you believe in your idea, and the change that goes with it, you've got to sell it, relentlessly.  Show your peers, your boss, your team, why they should be just as passionate you.  It'll work.  Deep down, we all want to be led and inspired.

If you're doing all the above right, you should start to see hints of the change your messages have inspired.  It can be an uphill battle.  But you're an agent of get to it.