STOP! Yammer-time!

The silo.  A plague on the house of the traditional corporation.  So easy to form, so tough to change.  Your organization is probably full of them. Bottlenecks and inefficiencies abound.  A place where useful information and good ideas go to die.  If only Team A knew what Team B really did, and why.

The cure?

The rise of the real-time web.  We're in the midst of a paradigm shift with the real time web emerging and supplanting existing technology. 

Yammer is a private communication tool for your organization (think enterprise Twitter.)  The era of pushing mass information to groups made up of people that largely don't understand / don't listen / don't care, will fall. (Sorry can't talk now, have to respond to an email - okay, I'm back.)  In a very near future, these innovation-killers are replaced by permission-based feeds and real time posts, paving the way for a more valuable communication experience for followers.

Openness is a new rule for a new age of communication.  The virtual water cooler is here to stay. 

Can you believe he wore those pants?