No need to change...when you're changing

Today, I was asked to speak to professors about the affect technology is having on education.  It's always interesting to observe the reactions of an audience when the you tell them they need to think about change.

People can respond in many different ways to change but there are three basic reactions.  Some are angry, some are scared and some want to learn all they can so they can be part of the revolution as soon as possible.  (I'll let you guess which group wins, always.)

Technology is changing everything.  One industry at a time, over and over, without favorites.  Some things to consider as it approaches your niche:

  1. Change is unavoidable, period.
  2. Seeking change is always better than reacting to it.
  3. Embracing change is not an option, it's tantamount to survival.
  4. Opportunity is always greatest during periods of great flux (read: 2009).
  5. If you're not an early adopter make sure you're friends with one.
  6. Early adopters should be rewarded.

If you're not happy with what's going on around you, change it, before your (former) customer does.