Ad obituary? Don't think so

 Tech Crunch ran a guest post today about why advertising is failing on the Internet.  The contributor's arguments:

  1. Consumers do not trust advertising.
  2. Consumers do not want to view advertising.
  3. Consumers do not need advertising.

First, let's get this right.

  1. Consumers do trust advertising, they don't trust companies.
  2. Consumers do love to view advertising, when done right.
  3. Consumers do not need advertising, but they'll always want it

Let's break these down.

First, if your customers don't trust your company, advertising can't fix that, ever.  If they trust you, online campaigns will give you a shot at spreading your idea.  Be honest and remarkable, fans will follow.

Second, consumers love to view advertising that makes an emotional impact.  In fact, there are entire websites devoted to commercials.  Every year, millions of online viewers spread ads (at no cost to the company) all over the web and the world.

Third, business needs advertising, but customers want it.  And they want to see it evolve.  In 1984, an Apple ad changed everything.  The commercial became a story, an event.  I'd venture the Macworld Keynote address (formerly by Steve Jobs) is a two hour online ad.  Last time I checked, he didn't have to worry about ticket sales to the live annual event, rather server capacity for the army of fans that watch, blog about and spread with intent his two hour online commercial.

Online advertising is not dead, rather in its infancy, as it evolves in lockstep with the preferences of its viewers.  Leverage the web as a platform to broadcast and begin open dialogue with your customers. 

Whether they see you in a birth announcement or an obit, depends on it.