Mo' mobile

Today, three quarters of the world's messages are sent via mobile devices.  (Thanks Jenny.)  Technically, I guess I'm in the minority crafting this on my Mac. 

Mobile marketing is poised for massive growth, especially in Canada -- the most networked and surfed country in the world.

Translation: Pioneer time, niche time, profit time.

Advice to marketers when entering the mobile arena:

  • Content is still king and the court has 20 million subscribers.
  • You'll need to betray your college grammar prof (sorry Otte). 
  • Start client conversations.  No product push, no brand bombardment - think relationship.
  • The age of interruption is deader than Vista comeback ads.
  • Understand how customers consume your messages differently on mobile platforms.  Smaller screen = more concise, more creative messages.
  • Permission is more important than your thumbs.
  • Measure, relentlessly.

Many organizations are just now coming to realize the importance of social media and online advertising as a critical part of their marketing menage.  For those who are already there with social media, this is your new frontier.  For those who aren't, Twitter envy will have to do.

Learn, test and refine your mobile strategy, today.  Your future customers will thank you for it. 

The opportunity, is, well, in hand.