9 things employers need to know

People (particularly young talent) are your most valuable asset, always.  Invest in them.  Here's how:

  1. Unshackle them from bureaucracy, it's an innovation killer.
  2. Give them time to think.
  3. Don't punish those who challenge old ways of thinking, reward them.
  4. Be cautiously skeptical of those who look busy and particularly skeptical of those who are constantly reminding you how busy they are.
  5. Don't expect young employees to stay with you for 20 years.  If they haven't been promoted or fired after three years there's something wrong with them or you.  (thanks Carmen for this one)
  6. Making mistakes should be valued over sameness and safety.
  7. Don't take credit for their ideas.  Give them credit at the highest levels
  8. Bringing back a retiree to fill a temporary vacancy is easy and lazy.  Going through the hassle of training someone with potential is worth the effort.
  9. Mentor, relentlessly