Burn your resume

You can't get a job if you don't get noticed.

Traffic to job search sites grew 51 percent in January compared to the same month last year according to the CommScore Media Metrix.

Sites like Monster.com attract millions of users per month.  Millions of people all looking for the same thing at the same time many with the same qualifications on paper.  Which begs the question:  why would I go there to get noticed? 

There are two fundamentally different approaches to finding a job.  Blasting your resume to every job site on the web (the common way).  Or, spreading the 'idea of yourself' remarkably.  Here's how to get started (the new way, the way that works).

First, STOP going to job sites.  It's like fishing without a lure.  Casting 5,000 lines a day still won't land you a tasty fillet. 

Second, get your story straight and be sure what you have to say about yourself is worth talking about...and repeating.  (Focus on what makes you different, better, faster, smarter.)  Note: most employers find you remarkable when they make an emotional connection to you, and what you can do to solve their problems.  Avoid talking about what they can do to solve yours.

Third, grow your network.  Spread the idea of yourself.  Start a blog to show people you're insightful and passionate about what you do.  Connect to everyone you can via social networking.  Make appointments to visit industry experts in your field and ask them for advice.  Don't ask them for a job. 

Fourth, volunteer.  Not for everything - but things you are passionate about.  People will notice that passion.

Or, you could always get a haircut.