C'mon, let's vilify something

The mainstream media does a great job of vilifying the Internet.  That's because they're scared and rightly so, it's killing them. 

Many argue the Internet has created a culture of stupidity and pornography.  The reality is,  the Internet simply allows us to share (the same amount of existing) stupidity and pornography more widely.  Others argue it's a tool for cyber-luring and try to use this "fact" to ban their kids from using it.  (We suppose it's easier and faster to take something away than educate kids on how to use it properly and safely...and educate ourselves for that matter.)  Of course, with billions of pages indexed by Google, maybe some of us are focusing on the negative.

Truth is, the internet is us.

The Internet doesn't create reality, but it can mirror it.  If you don't like what you see on the WWW, use the medium to make it better.  Share ideas for free.  Use social media to start a grass roots community group.  Show your grandparents how to use Skype.

Let's have the Internet be a reflection of that part of human nature instead.

Remember the old adage about guns? Here's a revised version for the digital age -- Craig's List doesn't kill people, people still do.