Best of the same

The monoculture has seen better days.  The auto industry teaches us that creating an insular economy to support a radically expensive, unionized labor force is not sustainable, ultimately resulting in a lack of competitiveness and failure.

Globalization, coupled with historic inter-connectedness, means this new reality isn't limited to GM, Ford and Chrysler - every industry (all of us) must take heed.

It's not about protecting your turf anymore.  Chances are, that's already been hacked by technology or your customers (or will be shortly.)  Nor is it about maintaining more of the same. Instead, focus your efforts on pushing your organization toward new experiences rooted in challenge and change -- encourage resistance to your own status quo.  A resistance culture is good for employees.  It helps them build up intellectual and emotional capital.  Doing things the way you've always done them because that's the way you've always done them, is precisely the opposite of what you need to foster competitiveness, innovation and tenacity in your teams and your business model.

Protectionist monoculture or transparent, adaptive change agency?  It's not too late to make the turn.

Otherwise, you'll have an abundance of the best-of-the-same to protect, but no one will want it.