Guess who's coming to dinner?

It's Ida, your 47-million year old, opposable thumb-sporting ancestor.

Yesterday at the American Museum of Natural History, Ida, or Darwinius masillae, believed to be the missing link connecting humans to early mammals, was unveiled to the world.

And so this morning, we honour both science and the global communication platform that brought us the news.  Where did we first hear about this historic discovery?

Picture 1 On the homepage of the world's favourite information clearinghouse of course. Worth noting:  the story did not appear on the front page of our local daily. In fact, it did not appear at all that we could find.

Let's all take some time to learn more today and to share this with our kids.

More on the brilliance of the term missing link at a later date.  For now, let's all simply recognize that some great concepts take longer to prove than others.  If you've got one, keep at it.  Aunt Ida would be proud.