Criminalizing Creativity

The web has revolutionized major areas of our lives.  Old guard corporations are not happy about it and they continue to yearn and lobby for their business models to re-emerge as they once were - but they won't.  Nor will comsumers come to the rescue when they find out Brittney only made $1,000,000 on a given record's sales instead of $10,000,000 because of illegal downloading.

Artists on the other hand, have never done better.  More people are making money on music today than 10 years ago.  The age of the anti-consumer, monopolistic models are fading fast.  Why?  Audience fragmentation and access.  More people are listening to different kinds of music than ever before.  As a result, the record companies can no longer segment and influence consumer tastes and buying patterns.

Sharing your work is more important than ever.  Radiohead released an album for free with $1.6 million thank you's from fans.  Not bad for the evil pirate model.

Guess big business will have to change.  Or, they could continue trying to criminalize a generation.