Product you

Today, in this age of the individual, we all have a chance to stand out.  Not taking that chance used to be an option...not anymore.

You are a brand.  You need to think of yourself in that context.  Not your company, not your product, you.  If you haven't come to that realization yet, start today.  Going steady with the corporate ladder isn't the only way up in this new economy.  Branding yourself is now necessary - and after you get going, fun.

The successful you brand often entails:

  • being a top-notch team player and consumate collaborator;
  • being an expert in something that delivers real value to customers, the more niche the better;
  • being known for generating and spreading insight while relentlessly pursuing big ideas;
  • being able to carry the big idea to fruition long after the white board markers go dry.

If your you brand begins to gain real momentum, you can feel good about burning your business cards and resume and know that without them, more people will find you.