Don't squeeze your clients

We paid for what we would consider a luxury cruise last week.  Overall it was pretty good.  All the major items you would expect to be there and in high quality, were.  The food was top notch.  The entertainment was excellent.  The staff was friendly and helpful and paid extra attention to our infant son.  (Spoiling him almost to the extent his grandma did.)  You could do 12 new things per day on this ship and never do the same thing twice and you'd have a smile or your face all day long.  There was a lot to be impressed with.

There were extras you could pay for like spa and excursion packages.  They were expensive, heavenly, we loved them, and had no trouble paying the premium.

On the way home can you guess what dominated our conversation (and the conversations of our seat mates.) It wasn't the melt in your mouth lobster, the wine, the most breathtaking sunsets you've ever seen... was the orange juice.  

During breakfast there was a machine plugged into the wall with a sign that said $3.95 for freshly squeezed orange juice.   Most everything else food or drink was free, included in the package.  But every time you'd pass the machine, people were talking about it grudgingly, scorning the cruise line for this outrageous $4 juice (and keep in mind, these were people who were likely dropping between $100-$1000 every day on other extras.)

The lesson:

Even if you have to take a hit on a few expenses (or your normal hourly), think twice before charging for something that your clients will see as exorbitant, as frivolous tax, or worse, plain greed.  Even if the rest of your service is decadent and flawlessly executed, it'll still be the little things they notice.  And it may make them wonder what else is as inflated as your "juice"...

You'll hear about it from them. Or worse, potential clients will.