Tweet, you're busted!

Attention CEO's, President's, CIO's, HR Director's and anyone else who is responsible for managing and developing people.


Stop using social media to try and burn your employees.  We know you love Columbo but you're not a detective, you're a leader.  You wouldn't see employers trying to catch employees in the social media cross hairs here, here or here.  That's because they get it.  They use it.  Encourage it.  Leverage it.  It's a tool for customer and staff engagement, growth and transparency.  It's not your corporate spy cam.

Some things to consider:

  • Today, people live their lives online.  It's the new normal.  Embrace it.
  • If your employee calls in sick or says they're delayed and then you 'catch' them updating their status, tweeting or engaging in any kind of micro-blogging, don't call them on it.  Unless alienating them and further eroding your corporate culture is your goal.
  • Instead, study smart brands in social media (thanks Andrew) and leverage their insight

It's not too late.  Engage your staff in helping to shape your social media policy or guidlines.  Give the world a new reason why you're worth working for.

Besides, nobody likes a tattle tail...or a bully.