Kansas, bye bye

Smart marketers already understand the new-media landscape as a game changer.  Not a shift, blip, hiccup, or anomaly - a revolution.  Seemingly overnight (although when you look back it seems pretty obvious) marketing is no longer about paying to blast your message to a group of people or interrupting audiences with your communications and solicitations.  Like most periods of signigficant upheaval, it can be difficult to know what to do next.  Not knowing where things will settle can be unnerving.

Here are some things to help with the transition that you can start right away:

  • Learn (and live) the medium. Invest in understanding how digital channels are affecting your customers' attention and intent.
  • Measure relentlessly.  Analytics isn't about measuring a campaign by quarter anymore.  It's about measuring customer experience in real time.  If you don't know where your customer came from, what their experience looked like, what they did and where they went when they left - get there, fast.
  • Accept that branding has changed. Your customers' first interaction with your brand may not be rooted in something you did...and you'll have to get over that quick.
  • Stop interrupting! Advertising is now about customer interaction and conversations.
  • Start and support dialogue with your customers.  There will be many conversations about your business going on at once with many groups of people participating.  Your old job was to control the conversation, your new one is to facilitate it.

Waiting for things to return to "normal"?. Don't. You'll have the same luck waiting for Dorothy to arrive back in Kansas, as you will finding Toto on Twitter.