Just do it ... better

Being first doesn't always mean being the best.

David Bowie did the moonwalk before Michael Jackson ever did.  Bill Bailey performed it before both of them. MJ didn't do it first, he did it better.  (To the tune of one of the best known dance moves ever.)

Lately, marketing and technology communities, and tribes around the world, have been focusing on how to harness the tools of the future to get a leg up.  (Us too.)  So much output, thought, discussion, debate has been put into new theories, learning tools and and predictions of 'what's next'.

How about this...


Take a minute, and look back.  Back at those who worked your trade long before you put ink to paper, copy to blog or chords to lyrics.  Sometimes, inspiration for your edge, your signature move, your premium product, can come from doing something better, not first.

So, what's your moonwalk?