About Us

Creating meaningful impact, together.

We’re not just about the easy wins and we don't scare easily. We embrace your challenges and thrive on helping you solve them. Our clients are as unique as the projects they share, with one constant - our collaborative approach. We can’t wait to be on your team.

sagecomm team member holding coloured swatches fanned out on table
Two sagecomm team members smiling and talking at conference table
Our Philosophy

Empathy first.
Empathy second.
Work third.

At sagecomm, empathy isn’t just a value; it’s where we start and finish. With understanding at our core, excellence isn’t just a goal – it’s a given. 

We choose

  • The right path over the easy one
  • To lean into tough challenges
  • To hold our clients’ unique vision as sacred

We believe

  • When empathy leads, excellence follows
  • Listening trumps interruption
  • Collaboration is key
  • Inclusiveness and accessibility aren’t optional, they’re essential
  • Quality and excellence are more than goals, they’re guarantees
  • Embracing new approaches and perspectives is a way of being
  • Transparency in what we know and honesty in what we don’t
  • In a commitment to lifelong learning and in integrating justice, diversity, equity, inclusion into every aspect of our work
Nine sagecomm team smiling and laughing together
Our Team

Passionate about our craft and committed to each other.

Our tight-knit team, based in downtown London, Ontario, includes a dynamic mix of strategists, creatives, communicators, digitals and developers. We celebrate our nearly two-decade-long journey with a portfolio that spans across the country, with accolades to show for it.

Established in 2008, our journey from humble home-based beginning to a full-service strategic marketing and communication team is measured not in days and years but by the growth and success we enable for our clients.

sagecomm is more than a collective of colleagues; we're a dynamic powerhouse that dreams big and achieves bigger. Here, creativity and strategy converge.

Meet the minds behind the magic

Lindsay Sage headshot

Lindsay Sage

Senior Strategist and Co-CEO

Jeff Sage

Senior Strategist and Co-CEO

Megan Winkler headshot

Megan Winkler

Vice President Strategy & Operations

Alyssa Westman headshot

Alyssa Westman

Creative Director

Sarah Emms-Pilon headshot

Sarah Emms-Pilon

Senior Specialist, Marketing Communications

Lyndsay Fearnall headshot

Lyndsay Fearnall

Senior Specialist, Multimedia Design

Amanda Fletcher headshot

Amanda Fletcher

Senior Specialist, Marketing Communications

Brittany Maynard

Senior Specialist, Digital Marketing

Megan McIlmoyl headshot

Megan McIlmoyl

Senior Specialist, Marketing Communications

Kaleigh Siegner-Robertson headshot

Kaleigh Siegner-Robertson

Marketing Communications Coordinator

Sarah Walker headshot

Sarah Walker

Senior Designer

Selena Wells Headshot

Selena Wells

Multimedia Design Coordinator