Marketing magic


When was the last time you asked a tough question? 

By that we mean the type of question that's actually more relevant and valuable than its own answer. 

Most of us don't. It's easier not to face the perceived social danger, the criticism and the potential for failure. 

But research doesn't have to be scary. 

Or elusive. Or expensive. Or an afterthought. 

And the upside is literally marketing magic for your brand. A chance at influencing customers, testing assumptions, identifying weak spots, zeroing in on competitive advantages. Or our personal fav - validating whether or not you're actually working on solving the right problem.  (This one happens more than you'd think.)

Great marketing strategy is rooted in understanding and anticipation. Sadly, being human does not qualify us as clairvoyant, able to effortlessly see and understand the preferences of other humans. (Except for this guy, but we don't know how he does it.)

Failing well may be trendy, but you owe it to yourself (your brand, your customers, your movement) to iterate in order to make things better. 

Make starting your marketing project with research, a habit.

For your art and your business.

For your clients and your stakeholders.

For your best work.