Community Compadre

Our friend Taylor (A.K.A., T-Money, A.K.A., T-Pac A.K.A., The Mayor of Byron) wrote his first blog post. We're proud to share it here in support of him and community rock stardom in general. Share and send him a digital high five if you dig it.

Hello - my name is Taylor Rusland and I like the Clubhouse, it’s a lot of fun. I have friends.  One of my good friends is name Denis.  I really like Denis and it’s fun to be around him. I say yo yo DENIS - we talk about family.  

I can do whatever I want at the Clubhouse.  I’ve been there for a year and a half.  I use to go to school at St. Thomas Aquinas. I did 7 years there of school. My best subject was religion.

Clubhouse is a place where brain injured people goes just to join in meaningful work.  They don’t have to participate but it’s good to participate in the Clubhouse work.  Bob Gale mentioned to me going back to school and taking 1 course at a time.  

God is important in my life.  Back to the Clubhouse tomorrow not long till tomorrow I am going to have a great day tomorrow.  

Brains injured have mood swings so you never know what kind of mood.  I am enjoying music I love Neil Diamond and country.  Johnny cash is my favorite singer.  

I might live somewhere else soon.  There’s two Units Members can pick what Unit they want that day.

Thanks for reading!