Culture, fit and other human strangeness

We’ve never had a vision of a huge team.

But we’ve always had a vision of the right team. A group of people who share values and passions, and were committed to killer work, important causes, and remarkable brands. And, who were willing and ready to respect and treat each other like family. 

Also to eat a lot of cheese, with pickled things, wine and whisky. 

To date, we’re pretty damn proud of how said team has grown. Not big, but bold, talented, committed and quirky.

Our approach has always been this: 

  1. Hire people who believe what you believe (FIT FIRST);
  2. Take your time to find them (EVEN WHEN IT’S PAINFUL ON WORKLOAD);
  3. Know it’s okay when they’re smarter than you and disagree with you (ESP. IF THEIR TALENT INTIMIDATES YOU).

Our team has grown recently by two awesome bright young stars:

 Photo Credit: Whitney Heard

Photo Credit: Whitney Heard

Meet Zach. Our new Design Specialist, Zach loves to dream about concepts but can make them sing visually almost instantly. We spent months finding Zach. Because while our market has some amazing designers, we were looking for just the right mix of passion, creativity and quirk. He’s it. You should meet him.

 Photo Credit: Jen O'Neil

Photo Credit: Jen O'Neil

Meet Emily. Our new Junior Marketing & Communications Specialist, Emily already has compelling comms and client relations down pat. She had what was pretty much a four month job interview,  but she still came back. That’s a good sign, right? (It’s possible she’s just crazy, too).

There’s a high cost to hiring someone who doesn’t quite fit the culture. And that’s not a cost we want to bear. Cause we’re damn proud, and even more protective, of this awesome work family.

Because building a tribe doesn’t happen overnight.