Mentioning our unmentionables

2014 has been an outstanding year for our community.

At sagecomm, some of the projects we’ve rocked out have been top amongst those we're most proud of.


Much of this work was right in our sweet spot - strategy and experiences that better connect brands to customers and communities.  When these kinds of plans come together to support our community’s most vulnerable, that’s when our nerd factor rolls off the charts.

That’s why, this holiday season, we got super excited about...underwear.

(Hold that thought)

Our work often reminds us just how fortunate we are and how much we take that for granted. Not intentionally, but day to day, we sometimes fail to recognize how important the basics are.

We take for granted that we have food and housing security. That we don’t have to struggle daily with debilitating illness or addiction. That our kids rarely want for anything. And that we’re always okay for the most basic (and most important) of necessities.

Enter: your drawers.

When’s the last time you were concerned about a lack of underthings? Or thought about those who don’t have any. (No, not that kind of don’t have any.)

This year, together with some of our awesome clients and community partners, we pulled together 242 individual items of underwear to be distributed in our community by the London InterCommunity Health Centre’s Health Outreach Team.

We’re grateful for this and so many opportunities each year to participate and to learn from the stellar individuals who do our community’s most important justice work.

So, keeping that good fortune in mind, here’s our holiday gratitude list of those organizations that let us donate, share time or lend talent, to their awesome movements this year:

In lieu of client holiday gifts, we’re proud to have given tighties of comfort and joy.

See you as we jockey for a rad 2015!