The story of the year
Jeff & Lindsay Sage / 28 January 2022

What’s the story you’re telling yourself this year?

Are you still waiting for things to go back to normal? Or are you making a renewed commitment to learning and possibility?

The pandemic has created a seismic shift (or gift) in perception. If you wore a face mask to work in 2019 you were sanding a table you crafted, conducting surgery, or robbing a bank. When 2020 started, masks were about hoarding and grasping at the illusion of control. If you wore one really early on in public, you may recall it making you less popular than scoring an early PS5. 

Is that person wearing a mask to shame me? Are they saying I should keep my distance? That I’m behind in my understanding of this whole thing? 

And then the story changed. 

If we had only obsessed more about understanding epidemiology and supporting public health measures we could have collectively skipped a wave, or three. But because we’re human, public perception and how we think our actions impact our social standing are always more important than science.  

But as we’ve all collectively experienced, there are repercussions to holding the status quo during turbulent times of change.

At sagecomm, our story evolves in lockstep with the work we do and the amazing people we work with. We’re not the fastest (though we can hustle with the best of them) and we’re not the cheapest. You can find that generic race to the bottom elsewhere on the Internet. 

Instead we aim to:

  • Offer a fair price for distinct work that matters;
  • Deliver the research, critical thinking and assets to craft a position that stands for something.
  • Become indispensable to those who are creating and transforming products, industries and movements.

For our clients, this approach takes guts and skill and hard work. Because they know their brand will only ever be what they invest in it. 

It’s January, 2022. We need new, thoughtful, fact-based stories and leadership pretty desperately right now. 

So what story are you telling yourself this year? And more importantly, what story are you telling everyone else?

Happy new you. Happy new year.

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