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Strategic Communication to Manage Change

The Situation

When the COVID-19 pandemic brought unanticipated and unprecedented challenges for business and organizations everywhere, sensitive, complex and just-in-time communication became more important than ever. The important role of strategic, empathetic and timely communication became clearer than ever with the need to communicate about tough and sensitive situations, from closures and layoffs to vaccine policies. While this challenge wasn’t pandemic-born, COVID-19 heightened the urgency and volume of needs for strong, clear, audience-empathetic communications. But not all organizations have this skill set in house or have the practical internal resources to get the work done when it's required, immediately.

The Solution

Independent of emerging global challenges, organizations facing change, under pressure or in crisis need to think rapidly and strategically about reputation management, stakeholder relations, staff wellness and culture stability. They also need a team they can trust to deliver quickly, confidentially and at a high level of quality, regardless of the situation or the complexity of audiences. At sagecomm, we do that. Whether a merger or other major change management initiative, a need for government relations and advocacy, or the launch of a massive philanthropic or capital project, our team of senior strategists wraps around brands in every sector to deliver strategies, messages and implementation frameworks to manage strategic change.

Delivered Services

  • Employee engagement strategy
  • Brand culture and communications plan
  • Government relations framework
  • Philanthropic communications strategy
  • Facility closure communications
  • Vaccine policy communications
  • Merger communications strategy
6 Book Covers: Strategic communications plan, issues management plan, vaccine policy communications, merger communications strategy, philanthropic communications strategy, brand and culture communications plan

This team is highly talented, and I appreciate all that you have done and continue to do to keep our team running smoothly.

Client Quote
cover and 2 page spread: strategic comms plan, table of contents
Open book: Audience Analysis

We are so fortunate to be supported by you and your team - I can’t imagine a stronger, more supportive partner along this journey with us.

Client Quote
Open Book: Channels & Assets
2 page spread: Communication rollout plan
Stats: 13 - average number of communications written per plan, 9 - average number of audiences per plan, 5 - average number of key messages per plan

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