Thinking Differently About Retirement

The Situation

Adam Chapman is a national leader in the sale of retirement financial planning products. When he came to sagecomm, he was ready to shift his focus to a model that would let him better serve his retirement-age clients on their terms, by introducing a novel approach to retirement planning and cash flow management in retirement. Adam chose sagecomm to help flesh out his new business model and build a brand position, visual brand identity, and a marketing plan and materials that would resonate with his target audiences and reverberate through the industry.

The Solution

Research and discovery was step one, with a goal to understand retirement as a life stage: what retirees really want; and how a new kind of approach could better help make this happen. A foundational narrative and key messages flowed from this research and formed the basis of a new brand position. After an extensive naming process, YESmoney was born - a name that perfectly encapsulates Adam and his approach to the clients he serves. The brand came to life on a nimble web presence that introduces the YESmoney brand and philosophy. The site includes an extensive resources section with short pieces developed to outline the company’s unique retirement planning approach and philosophies on cash flow management, as well as an email capture interface designed to help support relationship building with new and prospective clients. Supporting existing client relationships is a goal setting and planning report, custom designed as a fresh take on the traditional financial plan.

Delivered Services

  • Research & Positioning
  • Message Development
  • Company Naming
  • Creative Development
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Content Development
  • Website Development
  • Asset Development
YESmoney logo in three official brand colours
YESmoney website on multiple screens

The team at sagecomm feel like family, except they’re smarter.

Their approach to research and development of a brand is absolutely amazing and what should be done by all firms. Unfortunately, it isn't always the case. If you're looking for a branding, marketing or communications strategy built by a great team of people that will actually hear you and deliver, reach out ASAP.

Adam Chapman, Founder
YESmoney business cards
YESmoney stationary examples
YESmoney brand guide book
'Yes' animation
YESmoney mug

Do Work That Matters

Art is hard. Writing is hard. Selling is hard. Making a difference is hard. But we show up everyday and work our butts off cause that’s the way we like it.
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