What matters now

Status quo marketing has come to an end.

Marketing and advertising are no longer the same thing. The discipline has changed more in the last 10 years than the last hundred. More than nearly any other industry.

Today, the most valuable and effective forms of marketing are consumed voluntarily, with permission and a carefully crafted brand or product position.

If you can’t share your position quickly and concisely, you don’t have a position.

That’s where we come in.

sagecomm is a strategic marketing and communications provider specializing in brand, product and cause positioning, marketing strategy and community engagement.

Our work is rooted in a strategy-first approach, supported by a foundation of market research, audience-focused design, and a high-touch relationship model that treats our clients as partners.


Great market research isn't about asking people what they like - it's about understanding who they are and what influences them to take action.

It’s about understanding the behaviour of your prospects, targets, clients or competitors and using that intelligence to create a solution that works.

It’s the foundation for strategy, positioning that matters, and tactics that get results.

  • Research and market analyais
  • Customer pulse checks
  • Competitor audits
  • Departmental reviews


Your marketing strategy should inform everything you do.

It’s your unifying plan that connects every goal, activity and department. It’s your process to better serve and sell. It's how you meet your business goals as much as it's about how you build your brand.

It exists, or it doesn’t.

And it’s how you win.

  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Content strategy
  • Public relations

Remarkable Execution

Flawless implementation is the vehicle of strategy.

It's about using the right tools to accomplish something bigger. That means a partner to put your plan into action and design that creates your brand’s signature story.

It also means design that always contributes to the bottom line. It's not a pretty layer that sits on top, it can be the whole enchilada.

Your tools and tactics should solve problems and connect your audience seamlessly to the action you want them to take. It’s how you put a winning strategy into action.

  • Brand design and development
  • All media advertising
  • Web development
  • Logotype development
  • Print and digital design
  • Copywriting

100% said they would refer sagecomm to their peers or professional colleagues

-client surveys, 2010 to 2015

Niche Services

Got an unusual situation? Sometimes you need a passionate, nerdy bunch to deliver effectively on specialized projects.

Specialized areas with big wins in the past:

Event design

Remarkable guest experiences that build loyalty and enhance awareness.

Community development

City building is in our blood and we've been around that block. Let's talk.

Political consulting

Personal brand strategy development and execution.

Video storytelling

Capturing moments that matter and speak to what's important.


Integrated, multi-channel donor engagement strategies and execution.

Media relations

Reputation management, issues and crisis management, media relations, internal/external communications.

How we price

Hourly rates don’t work. It pits the client against the agency. Agencies look to inflate hours while clients hope they'll work fewer hours to keep budgets low. #IndustryFail

Not the best way to start out a mutually beneficial and respectful relationship. It's not about time. It's about solving your problem.

Our model is simple.

You need a win, or a problem solved, or both. We aim to charge you less than it’s worth and more than it costs us.

Simple pricing, no surprises.

We’ll work relentlessly until project completion to deliver more value than you're paying for.

You leave satisfied which means we’ll likely work together again and you might even tell a friend you think we’re good for business.

Win and proverbial win.

If you're ready for change, we're ready to help.

Marketing is the act of telling a story that makes you, your business and your movement matter more.

Start today