Building Brand Understanding to Combat Childhood Cancer

The Situation

Funded entirely by donors, Childcan provides personalized support for families facing a parent’s worst nightmare, a diagnosis of pediatric cancer. When Childcan came to sagecomm, they knew they needed a new website that more effectively conveyed their impact for both families and donors. Additionally, to remain relevant and engaging from a visual perspective, a refreshed look and feel was needed to communicate the organization’s warmth, its trust nature, and its connection to the childhood cancer movement. Because of budget constraints, some pro bono support was required to ensure a comprehensive solution could be implemented to best serve the organization’s aims.

The Solution

An understanding about Childcan’s impact was facilitated through a research and discovery process, including a deep dive with the organization’s leadership and review of materials and personal stories. This was paired with sector insight and a competitive scan to gain a complete understanding of all organizations supporting the childhood cancer community. This research provided the foundation for audience empathy, which informed the development of a new brand position and the creative direction for a new look and feel, including an updated logo. Employing the gold ribbon that is well recognized and often employed by the pediatric cancer community, the new logo combines the organization’s proud history with a modernized symbol of the wrap-around support and authentic care provided by Childcan to all of its families. The new website, developed through an iterative planning process with Childcan leadership, is designed to serve families and donors together by uniting them in the cause and providing clear calls to action for each audience.

Delivered Services

  • Research & Positioning
  • Message Development
  • Creative Development
  • Copywriting
  • Content Development
  • Website Development
Childcan website on desktop screen
Childcan postcard and tagline
Childcan business cards

We had such a great experience working with the sagecomm team. Their process made our complicated projects so much easier. They were responsive, met deadlines and gave us great advice. Highly recommend!

Kathleen Barnard, Executive Director
Childcan social media on multiple screens
Childcan poster and t-shirt
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