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The Situation

With the aim of amplifying positive downtown brand experiences, Downtown London (DTL), in partnership with Tourism London, was eager to build a unique summer social engagement campaign with a strategic marketing foundation. The campaign needed to capture the hearts and minds of three key audience groups: local influencers, downtown customers, and downtown businesses, while encouraging visitors to engage in continuous sharing of downtown experiences, ultimately leading to greater levels of awareness and an increase in local urban tourism.

The Solution

Leaning into London’s funky, fresh and unique core destinations, restaurateurs and retailers, a social campaign called ‘Get Down’ was created in 2015. The campaign was rooted in fresh messaging translated into a variety of fun and usable tools including miniature photo frames, coasters and point of sale cards, a web lander, a media launch and the introduction of a new, dedicated hashtag, #GetDTL. Since the first launch activation at Market Square in London’s downtown, the campaign has generated thousands of online conversations, enabled organic, crowd-sourced marketing of the best the Downtown has to offer in unique brands, experiences, fare and wares, and has united downtown customers and businesses in a culture of pride. Now in its third year, the campaign has won local and international awards, been mimicked in other communities, and the hashtag has been adopted widely as the must-use moniker for London’s downtown.

Delivered Services

  • Positioning & Key Message Development
  • Campaign Plan Development and Implementation
  • Creative Direction
  • Photography
  • Web Lander Development
  • Event Design and Implementation
  • Community Relations & Development
  • Media Relations
Photo collage showcasing various downtown London products & advertising contest

We are delighted with our relationship with sagecomm and their work in supporting Downtown London's role in providing value to our membership and enhancing our relationship with our partners at Tourism London. They come highly recommended as a thoughtful, nimble agency with an ear for political tone and social issues and a flair for strategic marketing communications and issue positioning.

Janette Macdonald - CEO and General Manager, Downtown London

Colourful coasters promoting the Get Down campaign
Photo collages of 'Get Down' photo contest entries
Demonstrating variety, abundance and just plain good fun

As urban downtowns, like London's, undergo evolution and regeneration, telling that story of the new, the unique, the unusual and the engaging is more important than ever. What better way to do that but to put the positive promo in the hands of the citizen champions who know and love it best? With fun and funky branding, and engaging calls to action, the Get Down campaign and contest has leveraged more than 10,000 crowd sourced photos to do just that.

Get Down website on various media devices
London is On Logo
Two women posing with the #GetDTL photo frame
Man posing with the #GetDTL photo frame
Londoners enjoying the Dundas Street Festival

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