Building the charitable bottom line through brand champions and experiences

The Situation

Many of Canada’s most recognizable charitable brands are amongst the least well understood in terms of clarity of cause and impact. And, while employees often understand the organization’s impact personally, few can consistently explain it in a way that truly drives all-important participation and donations. An often missed step in branding programs is the education and engagement of staff at all levels, in particular those at the front lines, in both a brand’s promise and how to effectively deliver that to inspire loyalty and action.

The Solution

Strong brand culture can transform engagement and retention efforts - among staff, participants and donors - and actually build your bottom line. Imagine the impact if you could spend time building relationships and retaining more participants and donors - who can in turn create more champions themselves - rather than spending time and money exclusively cultivating new ones? Enter intentional cause-culture-building. From communication and culture plans to workshops and toolkits, the sagecomm customizable brand culture program helps large charitable organizations, including Canada’s largest YMCAs, to build teams that believe in a brand’s promise, understand how to share it, and know how to deliver the experience it promises. AKA - an energized organization that can compete through cause.

Delivered Services

  • Strategy and Narrative Development
  • Leadership Facilitation
  • Workshops & Training
  • Toolkit Development
YMCA brand culture handbook
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The culture of every brand is unique. But every one needs a plan and practical care for its champions.

Our customized brand culture and staff engagement plans assess and leverage the strengths of an organization, chart a vision for ideal brand experience, and provide tangible tools and tactics to help achieve that vision - from training, to resources, to internal communication programs.

YMCA camp staff handbook

Do Work That Matters

Art is hard. Writing is hard. Selling is hard. Making a difference is hard. But we show up everyday and work our butts off cause that’s the way we like it.

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