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The Situation

To grow community engagement and pride in neighbourhoods across London, a variety of tools and resources had been created over a period of five years, by the City of London and invested citizens from across the community. To effectively reach more participants and more neighbourhoods, and to help build a city-wide movement of citizen-led neighbourhood development, a holistic brand, digital presence and engagement tools were required.

The Solution

Following a rapid research phase with program stakeholders, a master brand, visual identity and website landing page was developed, in order to best package the suite of engagement products. The name, NeighbourGood London, was leveraged from one of the existing products and turned into a unifying master brand, complete with wordmark, outcome-focused program descriptions, a printed resource booklet, and a web presence - all organized and optimized to reach potential participants. The outcome was increased awareness, community engagement and ownership for positive, proactive neighbourhood development amongst Londoners. These resources continue to be leveraged by civic leaders and elected officials to help increase the overall culture of excitement and accountability for safe and vibrant neighbourhoods.

Delivered Services

  • Market Research & Discovery
  • Positioning & Key Message Development
  • Content & Creative Development
  • Content Development
  • Digital Execution
Consistent and compelling standards

This new look, intended to invite citizens of all backgrounds and abilities to engage in neighbourhood improvements, needed to be fresh and it needed to be consistently applied in order build momentum for the NeighbourGood movement. Consistent guidelines for use was the first step. 

Getting Snappy

A client-created community engagement contest was just one of the first applications for the new look and feel, which attracted submissions from all over the community.

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