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Inspiring Vital Community Conversations

The Situation

The London Community Foundation’s biennial Vital Signs report and supporting materials exist to provide a shared understanding of what’s facing our community’s most vulnerable and to help define action priorities for the Foundation, its fund holders and its grant recipients. Through this suite of materials, which present a data-rich picture of community health, London Community Foundation wanted to initiate and support a two-year long community conversation and a shared understanding about the opportunities and barriers facing all community members and how collective action is required to drive change.

The Solution

The project began with rapid research and discovery, and strategy and narrative development, to ensure Vital Signs took on a new, provocative format - one that was aspirational and encouraged Londoners to participate in this vital community conversation. A visual direction was established, one that would be both remarkable and positive while also commanding attention to the serious content in the report. Featuring custom photographs of Londoners in landmark local settings, this visual direction was rolled out across the full suite of deliverables including a 52-page report and matching direct mail envelope, a complementary website, two 15-second animated commercials, event signage, and social share cards. The end result was a comprehensive and visually stunning set of materials that will facilitate an important two-year community conversation to inspire all Londoners to find out #WhatLdnCanBe.

Delivered Services

  • Market Research & Discovery
  • Positioning & Key Message Development
  • Print Material Development
  • Killer Content
  • Creative Direction
  • Digital Execution
  • Photography
The front cover of the London Community Foundation's 2018 Vital Signs report
Some of the pages in the LCF's 2018 Vital Signs Report
Some of the pages in the LCF's 2018 Vital Signs Report
Three photographs of Londoners around the city

Custom photography of everyday citizens in favourite local places and spaces were key to grounding the facts, statistics and stories authentically in London.

Four pages from the LCF's 2018 Vital Signs Report

Vital Signs is important to not only the work of the London Community Foundation but to bringing our community together to make change for our most vulnerable. sagecomm's partnership from strategy development to remarkable execution has ensured we have the tools we need to be change makers and to inspire change in others.

Martha Powell, President & CEO, London Community Foundation

The LCF's 2018 Vital Signs website, displayed on multiple screen sizes

Delivering the report in a remarkable visual format was a key priority, as was amplifying it via a modern, responsive web destination to ensure the greatest number of people possible could be a part of the vision of what London can be.

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