Marketing and Communications Strategy for Revolutionary Feminist Leadership

The Situation

Anova envisions an inclusive world of shared power where everyone lives freely without fear of violence. They work every day to create communities of safe spaces, compassion, healing, renewal, hope and resilience through their four pillars: shelter, advocacy, support and education. With core values of equality, respect, integrity, connection and accountability, Anova is grounded in feminist roots. Following a merger, a leadership transition and the launch of a new strategic plan, Anova was poised to lean into the opportunities to better position the organization in the hearts and minds of clients, donors, staff, funders, media and the community. A comprehensive marketing and communications strategy and support to implement the plan was required.

The Solution

The project began with rapid research and discovery with organizational leadership to understand goals, opportunities and barriers, and to inform the development of an actionable plan that covered key areas including service, public education, advocacy and fundraising. This was followed by a comprehensive brand positioning exercise and a strategic communications and engagement plan to ensure Anova's communication could connect more strongly with the organization’s important mission and vision. Following this, the plan and messaging were put into action through a variety of campaigns and tactics including social media and digital support, fundraising campaigns, annual report development, and timely internal and external communication support. The ongoing result has been the successful internal adoption of a strategic marketing and communications framework and the implementation of a plan to create greater connections with a variety of audiences, including donors, resulting in tangible positive increases in fundraising.

Delivered Services

  • Research & Discovery
  • Positioning & Key Message Development
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Internal Communications Planning
  • Strategic Advisory for Senior Leaders
  • Digital Advisory
  • Digital Campaign Development and Implementation
Anova website on mac and iphone
Anova Marketing Plan Cover Art
Anova emails and printed posters
Anova branded social media posts
Anova Annual Report 2019-2020
"It makes such a huge difference to have access to programs and services that are so specifically focused on trauma from abuse. Anova helps heal without scarring."

Do Work That Matters

Art is hard. Writing is hard. Selling is hard. Making a difference is hard. But we show up everyday and work our butts off cause that’s the way we like it.
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