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Reimagining the strategy for an invaluable family resource

The Situation has long been an important source of child-rearing and family support information in London & Middlesex. Its portal-based environment allows families to search for and connect to critical programs and services, from child care and early child development, to physical and mental health resources, amongst many others. After a number of years in circulation, and based on feedback from families and stakeholders, it was time for to have a significant overhaul, both from an user experience and an information architecture perspective. As a longtime strategic partner of the City of London and London’s Child & Youth Network, sagecomm was chosen to facilitate a research and strategic planning process to reimagine this important resource, alongside a steering team of professionals who lead regional child, youth and family serving programs and organizations.

The Solution

Using a mix of digital engagement and in-person activations, the research design for this project built on past intelligence and plans to dig deeper into the key motivations, desires, gaps and challenges of the core audience of parents and caregivers. From there, a comprehensive persona development and information architecting process took place, in consultation with the steering team. The process served to both map audience needs and to streamline the pathways by which they would access critical information, from the most common ‘hot topics’ to niche subject matter, to meet every kind of family need or challenge. The final result was a strategic roadmap for audiences, content, voice, tone and style, site governance, and inclusion/exclusion criteria, to build “the first stop for all things children, parenting and family life in London & Middlesex County”. sagecomm was further asked to consult on the creative and user interface design for the new resource, ultimately built by the expert team at The Healthline, which stewarded the strategy to help create a resource that has been embraced by parents and service providers alike.

Delivered Services

  • Research & Discovery
  • Facilitation Design and Delivery
  • Market Research & Discovery
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Management
  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Website Design
  • User Experience Design & Consulting
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“I had a Family Centre mom take a peek and she commented that she ‘loves it’ and found our calendar in seconds! If parents are happy, we can't ask for much more.”

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