Repositioning an Iconic 100-Year Old Foodservice Brand

The Situation

When one of the world's oldest tableware and serveware brands - Oneida Foodservice - needed to reimagine their brand position and deliver new product launches to the North American market, they connected with sagecomm. Their brand required a full verbal and visual repositioning to reach more of the end user chef market, alongside immediate tactical implementation for product launches and international trade shows. With diverse and distributed internal sales audiences and facing competition from an increasingly global market and new international brands, a combination of research and discovery, stakeholder relations, and a fresh, creative perspective was required.

The Solution

To capitalize on the unique history of the Oneida brand, and internal trend forecasting expertise, we began to reposition the brand through the development of the ‘Oneida Presents’ trend magazine and microsite. Alongside this strategic work, we introduced a fresh new line to the North American market, Luzerne, including the development of a lookbook for the National Restaurant Association 2016 Global Conference. Both elements of this work included strategies for reaching and engaging the primary internal audience - global sales teams - and externally, the end users - chefs, hospitality managers and food and beverage buyers. The combination of audience engagement, marketing strategy and tactical product launches generated increased awareness and customer engagement, and laid the foundation for continued brand repositioning work in the future.

Delivered Services

  • Market Research & Discovery
  • Brand Positioning & Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Content Development
  • Website Development
Oneida digital content on various devices
Fresh looks and positioning for a North American debut

The Oneida + Luzerne partnership represented a foray into innovative new offerings for the iconic brand with an emerging industry leader in colour, texture and unique patterning. 

The positioning and material supporting this launch had to be just the same - fresh, innovative and alluring.

Oneida + Luzerne Print Catalogue
Out of the Ordinary

With more than a dozen new lines to debut, the challenge was on for a fresh presentation of each unique set.

The look book for the National Restaurant Association show featured a two page spread on each pattern and a special section on the unique Luzerne manufacturing process. 

Oneida Design Studio - Cover
Oneida print material with cocktail recipes
Beyond Food and Beverage Service

The Oneida Presents series was custom developed to engage the commercial foodservice industry’s number one influencer: Chef.

From trends to techniques, the publication was designed to offer value add beyond patterns and product features to provide an edge in the ever-evolving and competitive food service landscape.

Cocktails in oneida glasses
Oneida Design Studio - Back Cover

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